Born in Russia, in the Tiumen region, on the banks of the Irtas river in Siberia, from a deported Bessarabian family

1969-1973 College of Fine Arts „Ilya Repin”, Kishinev
1976   Moves to Moscow where he continues his education independently, experimenting in different trends.
1979-1996 Takes part in the Moscow underground movement, in the context of the maximum ideological pressure upon culture and art, participating in various exhibitions, including the spring to the autumn shows, organized in the halls of the nonconformist exhibition centre at Malaya Gruzinskaya 28, the only one of this kind in USSR at that time.

1990 Member of the Plastic Artists Union from Russia
Member of the International Federation of Plastic Artists – UNESCO.

The painter’s works are reproduced in multiple albums, catalogues and magazines from Russia, Rep. Moldavia, Romania, Italy, Germany, Japan.
His paintings were purchased in Rep. Moldavia, Russia, Romania, Israel, Malta, USA, Germany and France.